Farewell, Paris

A liberal translation of Catullus XLVI Spring was blossoming through chilly rain, The strain of winter silently levelled By the golden rays of a Western sun.“I shall leave the streets of ParisAnd her cheap, sweaty bars;I shall go and the cities of Britain and Italy.”Already I felt Wanderlust, my feet lighter with the thought of travel. “My dear … Continue reading Farewell, Paris

A Sonnet For All Seasons

Spring April spring blew life onto the lilies.We sat and talked loudly of ElvisAnd of theatre, our souls warmed by the breezeThat wetted dry streets, kindly with a kiss. A kiss? A dream? Do I dare thus to dreamOf what might never be? Like parched flowers,My thirsty pages crave the ink, and beamWith tender white when calmed … Continue reading A Sonnet For All Seasons