The Hypocrite’s Dance

Rich men praise a mighty kingWho in peace does justice bringBut when chance against him turnsWill find out he never learns Fascists in the countrysideArmies with their lawless filesThey think men can do no wrongWhere no woman sings her song Stage lights cheat the actors’ gameTruthfulness they will not tameCurtains hid their guilty livesNow the … Continue reading The Hypocrite’s Dance

Last night, I dreamt of Venice…

A liberal translation of Virgil's Eclogue I. Two Venetians, Giorgio and Francesco, reminisce and realise. GiorgioThere you are! Lying on your rowing boat, enjoying a shaded leisure by your favourite piazza while you strum your guitar, a laid-back melody of foreign origin. Me? I am being forced to flee this place, to move on and never … Continue reading Last night, I dreamt of Venice…

Poetic Privilege

A liberal translation of Catullus X A friend caught me at the bar the other night and introduced me to his new woman. She was underdressed but had some good conversation, though a little desperate. We ordered drinks, sat down and started chatting. ‘How’s your job going, Ed?’ Not bad, I said. ‘You made any … Continue reading Poetic Privilege

The Fairy Tree

Every time I tire of life, Solace is found in woods. Canopies shade my fears  Trickling crystal waters Alleviate my cares. Minerals run wild despite Ancient cold inertia Restoration once more  Imbues my weary bones. This year, though, I stumbled Upon a precious thing, Which, as it stands today, Offers no subtle hint Of what … Continue reading The Fairy Tree