The time I didn’t read Faust

Another book I probably should have read earlier in my life, as it would appear I am trying to do at the moment. It is a race between the past and the future, with the circus maximus being the present: read the books I bought in the past in order to make me what I should have been, while trying to keep an eye on future releases that will make what I should be. Is that the kernel of our very existence?

Street-Art, Héraclite et La Morale

Pour cette dernière Nuit Blanche, j'ai contribué à une performance internationale. L'organisateur, l'impondérable 3615, voulait présenter une pluralité de langues, donc j'ai été choisi évidemment à cause de mes récitation de Catulle en latin. J'ai eu l'honneur d'accompagner les artistes sud-américaine, suédoise, russe, italienne et française. Une véritable rencontre des cultures, fait rare dans un … Continue reading Street-Art, Héraclite et La Morale

Victor Brauner: What happened to the Surrealists?

When I think of Surrealism, I think of an art movement confined to the period between the Two World Wars, l'entre-deux-guerres, as the French retrospectively and neatly call it. It is in such a mad period that this liberty of expression, this explosion of perspective, colour and form, this unbridled licence of art, can flourish, … Continue reading Victor Brauner: What happened to the Surrealists?