Love is Latin

The origin of Man is SheWho with her lovely feetBreathed life into our veins and nervesAnd made our limbs completeShe says her Love is Latin—And she believes in Love When minds are gripped with fire and flameAnd ancient towers fallenA shepherd in a land of yoreYields all to its callingHe says his Love is Latin—And … Continue reading Love is Latin

11. Shoot the Messenger

An illiberal translation of Catullus XI Catullus 11 J____ and D_____, comrades of your dear Catullus,Every ready to support me,Whether I start fights with IndiansOr pick quarrels with polite Iranians, Or jealous Turks,Fight the sagacious Pakistanis Or romantic Syrians,Whether I refuse to pay the Egyptian for theSeven-headed hookah pipe,Or I argue with the Swiss,Insult the Germans, the … Continue reading 11. Shoot the Messenger

Padua, 2017

“Formality,” you said, “is not something I’m familiar with.” I would recall these lines at the very end of Padua 2017, remembering the very first time our eyes met when I became enraptured.  After the pleasure of meeting others in the piazza Gasparotto, the hub of the following events, I had to content myself with … Continue reading Padua, 2017