The time I didn’t read Faust

Another book I probably should have read earlier in my life, as it would appear I am trying to do at the moment. It is a race between the past and the future, with the circus maximus being the present: read the books I bought in the past in order to make me what I should have been, while trying to keep an eye on future releases that will make what I should be. Is that the kernel of our very existence?

You’ve got to serve a purpose

Barbizon - February, 2007 ‘Il faut bien servir à quelque chose’ said Paul, adjusting to the unknown interior.  ‘Mais vous pensez vraiment que Sarkozy va gagner les éléctions?’ Asked the barman, who was drying glasses behind the counter.  Paul took a long swig of beer. Suddenly, a small boy came running round the corner of … Continue reading You’ve got to serve a purpose

Another Woolf Gone

Jane, 48, university lecturer.Shop worker told store is closing. “When are you going to get your clothes off?” she said. The grey rain dampened the stone around the Pantheon. The bars were quieter than usual. A lecturer at the university is to meet her husband within wooden panels. She asks softly her husband to kiss her navel … Continue reading Another Woolf Gone

Last night, I dreamt of Venice…

A liberal translation of Virgil's Eclogue I. Two Venetians, Giorgio and Francesco, reminisce and realise. GiorgioThere you are! Lying on your rowing boat, enjoying a shaded leisure by your favourite piazza while you strum your guitar, a laid-back melody of foreign origin. Me? I am being forced to flee this place, to move on and never … Continue reading Last night, I dreamt of Venice…

October meets its end

Friday 26th October, 2018 Beginnings I first met Cinna at Le Voltigeur, which means a type of soldier that is very mobile. There is a tree in the middle of a makeshift square and four or five watering holes surround it. Paths lead up from Père Lachaise; Place des Fêtes is just up a cobbled street … Continue reading October meets its end