Quotes from ‘The Ambassadors’ (1903) by Henry James

On smoking and habits (p.102)  Waymarsh had smoked of old, smoked hugely; but Waymarsh did nothing now, and that gave him his advantage over people who took things up lightly just when others had laid them heavily down. Strether had never smoked, and he felt as if he flaunted at his friend that this had … Continue reading Quotes from ‘The Ambassadors’ (1903) by Henry James

St Nicolas of the Fields

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlOpGMWcuEY&feature=youtu.be Extracts from 'St Nicolas of the Fields' Saint Nicolas is gone and his rural flock departed.Saint Nicolas of the Pastures watches civil discordSaint Nicolas of the Meadow drowns in urban illnessUnrest with which Parliament propagated dutyIn those ignorant of the executive and of their scheming.I will sing of a young boy lost in a … Continue reading St Nicolas of the Fields