saeculum nostrum

At the beginning of February this year, I escorted my grandma back to her small, but comfortable flat in a quiet village somewhere in the North of England. She was a little wobbly in the dark, held on to my arm strongly and said that it was good of me to have walked her back. I replied it was no problem, knowing that this might be the last time I would see her before I went back to France. My grandma turned 90 a couple of weeks later. 

The time I didn’t read Faust

Another book I probably should have read earlier in my life, as it would appear I am trying to do at the moment. It is a race between the past and the future, with the circus maximus being the present: read the books I bought in the past in order to make me what I should have been, while trying to keep an eye on future releases that will make what I should be. Is that the kernel of our very existence?