11. Shoot the Messenger

An illiberal translation of Catullus XI Catullus 11 J____ and D_____, comrades of your dear Catullus,Every ready to support me,Whether I start fights with IndiansOr pick quarrels with polite Iranians, Or jealous Turks,Fight the sagacious Pakistanis Or romantic Syrians,Whether I refuse to pay the Egyptian for theSeven-headed hookah pipe,Or I argue with the Swiss,Insult the Germans, the … Continue reading 11. Shoot the Messenger

Victor Brauner: What happened to the Surrealists?

When I think of Surrealism, I think of an art movement confined to the period between the Two World Wars, l'entre-deux-guerres, as the French retrospectively and neatly call it. It is in such a mad period that this liberty of expression, this explosion of perspective, colour and form, this unbridled licence of art, can flourish, … Continue reading Victor Brauner: What happened to the Surrealists?