Seine Life

the other day I was walking by the river Seine

passing fading signs for this passing lost signs for that

not reading the morning newspaper over coffee

or tea for the morning newspaper is dead and gone

Seine water undulated like tar under the bridge

my soul was transported from one side to the other

my worn face looked back at me on the lone metro seat

reading for a last time thumbed pages of love and lies

I stand at the zinc of a forgotten bar and drink

flies hover by the pearly taps the first time in years

I look for the news that someone else is perusing

men with yellow moustaches fix me and reminisce 

a girl not yet old walks by in a skirt and long socks

her innocent leather bag swinging from side to side

our eyes chance to meet a second and she seems to smile

before the traffic lights change and road life floods my sight

the train jolts out its regular rhythm which measures

my thoughts was the girl beautiful today or just tired

the smiling advert looks down at me and confirms the

negative I meet my friends in the same rooted spot

in the room we stay where we are and inside listen 

the green stars only see us when we come out to smoke

it could have been me reading out those lines

it should have been you calling out those lies

with words spent the motley crew leaves and moves down the hill

seeking the watering hole and somewhere colder to sit

like dustballs feet barely visible a sea of heads

the night sky looks down at our secret divagations 

I sleep with your absence your flesh shape on my mattress

Death’s cousin will show me my day in poetic shorts

will I ever mark the Seine as I saw it today

in truth you had never looked so hard so sad so real

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